Our Partners


Sponsoring Organizations

OEN sponsoring organizations are coordinated care organizations, payors, and health systems, who are dedicated to improving the health of all Oregonians, in particular those who are under-served, and live in rural and frontier communities.

Through the OEN advisory board, OEN sponsors work together to efficiently and collaboratively offer ECHO programming that supports the educational needs of the healthcare workforce, and improves the competencies of front-line clinicians where there is reduced access to care.


The Oregon ECHO Network is hosted within the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN) at Oregon Health and Science University. ORPRN is a statewide network of primary care clinicians, community partners, and academicians dedicated to studying the delivery of health care to rural residents and to reducing rural health disparities. ORPRN leadership believes the ECHO model helps ORPRN fulfill its mission to improve the health of rural Oregonians by promoting knowledge transfer between communities and clinicians.