What Are the Benefits of Participating in ECHO

Professional Development: Participants gain new skills and competencies for managing patients who they might otherwise refer to specialist care.

Creating Community: By becoming part of the ECHO community, clinicians and clinical teams can increase professional satisfaction and decrease isolation.

No-Cost CME: The high-quality evidence-based care knowledge disseminated through the ECHO makes the program eligible for Continuing Medical Education Credits. Learners in select ECHOs also earn MOC-II credits or Long-Term Care Administrator continuing Education Credits.

Increased Patient Satisfaction: Patients do not have to travel long distances to be treated by specialists; they can continue to work with their trusted clinician.

Improves Quality of Care: Studies have shown that healthcare professionals who participate in ECHO increase their knowledge and self-efficacy.

What Is the Experience of ECHO?

Participants connect to the ECHO through a virtual meeting space. Oregon ECHO Network's IT staff can help make sure that your connection is smooth--and even provide free-of-charge webcams and microphones if needed.

Each session consists of a short didactic presentation by an expert followed by case presentations from the participants. Participants are given broad opportunity to interact with each other and provide knowledge that comes from experience.

ECHO programs begin long before the first session of a cohort. Faculty, facilitators, and other staff design a curriculum that addresses the knowledge needs of Oregon's  health care workers, from doctors to community health workers.

ECHO Vs. Telemedicine

Traditional telemedicine connects specialists with patients for one-on-one consultation. Project ECHO uses the same technology to reach many patients by tapping into the passion and expertise of primary care clinicians.


How Can I Participate?

Getting started with ECHO is simple. Just click the link below to register and create your account.

While it's easy to participate in ECHO, there are a few ground rules: We ask that all participants commit to showing up to each ECHO session; participating in the case discussions; and volunteering to present at least one of their own cases.




"I have been in this business 36 years and am constantly learning something new [during ECHO sessions]. I especially like word-of-mouth approaches that have been tried and true."

— Nursing Facility Behavioral Health ECHO participant